The main focus in our winery is the individual treatment and care of the single wines, harmonized with the vintage. Based on our decade-long experience in wine making – from cultivation and the important cut of the vines up to bottle maturing – we strive to process extremely healthy grapes with state-of-the-art technology and fermentation control. During this process the grapes are being repeatedly preselected.


Our White Wines

We produce fruity wines with a wide range of characters by careful cultivation, processing and gentle maturation of the grapes. Here the natural deposit of the grape must play a vital role.
The product range consists of dry, semi-dry and sweet up to our special white wines like Riesling, dry late vintage/late harvest and Silvaner ice wine. > To our online shop


Our Red Wines

During the production of our red wines the grapes ferment from several days up to some weeks in our mash fermentation tank. Once the fermentation is completed the wine is carefully transferred and the sulphur content is monitored. We only use biological degradation of the acid to harmonize the wine. With this careful treatment, we create full-bodied and intensely colored wines depending on the sort of grapes. > To our online shop


Seasonal wines

(only available from March until July of each year!) Our wines “Spargeltraum” and “Frühlingsimpressionen” are special seasonal creations and have evolved to true bestsellers over time. > To our online shop


Weine & Edelbrände als Geschenk

Ob als Aufmerksamkeit für private oder öffentliche Anlässe, als Mitbringsel für Daheim oder als Erinnerung an Ihren Aufenthalt bei uns im Weingut - Bei uns finden Sie für jeden Geschmack und Anlass das richtige Präsent.

Sonderflaschen & Präsentkartons in verschiedenen Ausführungen und Größen stehen zur Verfügung oder können von uns für Sie besorgt werden. Gerne übernehmen wir auch den Direktversand der Weinpräsente an Ihre Freunde und Kunden.


Unsere Festgalerie

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